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So we know calling ourselves epic may seem…confident. But in fact confident is just what we are. We feel that confidence is a necessity when entering into a dynamic industry like advertising, where tactics and mediums and all other tools change constantly, and often without a heads up.

Our innovative (and yes sometimes heroic) marketing strategies and our strengths in branding and public relations have established us as one of the most prominent agencies on the Central Coast. Our long-term client relationships and extensive experience with the media reassure us that our customer service and efficient media planning consistently surpass the usual and ordinary.

We have been Epic for over fifteen years, holding ground in an industry where agencies often fall through the cracks.


Advertising is where art meets science. Think of us as the incarnation of Van Gogh and Einstein (but with both ears and a more stylish haircut). No – we didn’t attend an art institute, nor could we explain to you the theory of relativity. But our work does merge the two worlds.

The ad itself is art – a creative depiction of a real-world item for the enjoyment and attention of an audience. And when we make that art have an effect on the people that are watching it, well that’s the science. In today’s world of advertising it is imperative to have collaboration of the right message put in front of the right audience and followed up with a consistent presence.

We care about our clients,
we invest in our clients, and we
succeed only when our clients succeed.

In the business of growing your business.
We make Advertising, Marketing, & PR solutions.


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It’s our job to let everyone in on what makes you spectacular. We carefully craft a creative campaign that conveys your unique message and sets you apart from the competition. Our team marries our inventive talent with your company’s distinct image to build an alluring reputation and recognizable ad platform for your ideal market segment. We take those inches of empty screen space or 30 seconds of static and turn it into a mini-masterpiece featuring YOU as the star. What can we say? We like the spotlight and we think you’d look great in it.



A powerful Brand is more than just a logo. It effectively communicates your meanings, values, and promises in a fashion that leads the consumer to know your Brand as you wish them to know it. In the end, it is the consumer that decides if your Brand is what you hoped it would be. That is why we put our blood, sweat, and tears (metaphorically, of course) into developing and evaluating all dimensions of a Brand. We carefully chew over the language and wording, and won’t stop until we create the warm fuzzy feelings evoked by the Brand’s visual and spoken expressions.

Public Relations

Public Relations

Public relations is just the textbook term for communicating with the people. We pride ourselves on keeping you in the public eye and on the public’s mind with positive news and updates on your company. We create carefully tailored news releases to get your message into an age-old medium in an eye-catching way. Less obvious and more respected than an ad, press coverage allows us to articulate your message and publicize it to large audiences without coming off as self-serving. At Epic, keeping publicity aligned with the goals and objectives of our clients is a top priority.

Media Buying

Media Buying

Location. Location. Location. This old real estate maxim holds. With advertising seemingly everywhere, we have the task of sending the right message to the right people using the right medium for the least amount of money. We use our long-standing relationships with the media and our tremendous buying clout as we sift through the growing jumble of advertising options. We narrow those options to make your choices easier and more efficient, making sure you’re getting the most for your money. We spend our client’s money as if it were our own, and it is our mission to provide our clients with wallet-friendly quality and some added beauty sleep.



Digital is the new frontier. It has boundless opportunity and endless possibility. The online world encompasses any and all online advertising including SEM, SEO, Display, Social, Online video, and much more. Such limitlessness can be quite overwhelming when not navigated properly. Let us be your guide through this constantly evolving online arena. We make it our mission to keep up with the latest technology, continually improve campaigns, and adapt our executions to optimize our effectiveness in reaching your future customers. Think of the digital world as opportunity knocking: it’s time to answer.



Creativity is the artistic portion of our Art + Science = EPIC equation. It can come in all shapes and sizes, from print to video to sound to digital. Whatever the medium, creativity is about connecting ideas, breaking established patterns, and communicating in a way that resonates with your audience. Here at Epic, we use creative’s incredible power to innovate and change perception in order to break down boundaries and make you stand out amongst the crowd. We develop creative ideas that are specific to your brand. No carbon copies or cookie cutter layouts here.

From the Blog

Why Data Is the 21st Century’s Gold: Some Stats on Data Marketing

AdWeek recently published a set of infographics on consumer demand for personalization. The infographics were made using data from surveys of marketing and communications agencies. The charts show an overall trend toward customer and marketer preference for data driven marketing. “Customers today expect—and demand—a seamless and relevant experience,” AdWeek says. “They have grown accustomed to marketers’ knowledge of their preferences and anticipation of their needs.”

Some of the top insights:

• The top cited reason for increased data marketing is the need to be more customer centric

• The top data marketing priority is custom messages and personalized customer experiences

• The most popular channel for consumer engagement is websites

• Customer service data is 56% percent of what is being collected – (the largest percentage)

• Data efforts are being focused the most heavily on targeting of offer messages and content.

Need more evidence that digital has taken over? Websites were ranked as the most popular channel for consumer engagement and in-store ranked last.

For more info see the complete article here

Biggest drivers of Increased Data Marketing

Biggest drivers of Increased Data Marketing

Facebook advertising relevance scores

Facebook rolls out Relevance Score for Ads

Common sense will tell you that the more relevant an ad is to a consumer, the better that ad will perform.  It would also make sense that a more relevant ad will provide a better user experience. Google Adwords used this logic when they implemented “quality scores” in 2007 and Facebook did the same last month by introducing “relevance scores” for ads.  Similar to quality scores, an ad with a higher relevancy score is more likely to be served than other ads targeting the same audience. As a result you will pay less to reach your audience.
How the score works:  Once your ad has been served more than 500 times it will receive a daily relevance score from 1-10 with ten being highly relevant.  Facebook will calculate your ads relevance score based on positive and negative feedback they expect from the people seeing it.  Your relevance score will be calculated differently depending on your objective (e.g. clicks to website or video views).
Positive Feedback is defined as the number of times Facebook expects people to take a desired action, depending on your objective, such as liking or sharing your ad, or visiting your website.
Negative Feedback is defined as the number of times Facebook expects people to hide your ad or indicate a negative experience such as choosing not to see anymore ads from you.
How can you improve your ads relevance score?
  • Be more specific with your targeting -  The beauty of Facebook is the ability to target very specific customer attributes.  Tighter targeting will result in better performance and a better relevancy score.
  • Refresh your ad – Over time, even an ad with a positive relevance score will become less relevant as the same audience sees it over and over again.
  • ABT (Always Be Testing) – Test different ad copy, different pictures and find out what resonates with your audience.  Remember better performance means better relevancy scores. example_of_ads






  • Avoid offensive content – If you’re putting up offensive pictures to get attention and a click, this will lead to a poor user experience and a lower relevancy score.
Relevance scores are just one of the many metrics that will show that an ad is working. And the metrics you use to judge the success of your campaign can be different depending on your goals. For example, relevance scores have a much smaller impact on cost and delivery in brand awareness campaigns, since those ads are optimized for reaching people rather than driving a specific action.
The goal of this update as with most Facebook ad updates is to provide a better user experience with better ads.  If you’d like to improve your relevance scores and your overall social media campaigns, request a free assessment from our team.
Hire a full service agency because everything in marketing is connected

5 Reasons To Hire A Full Service Agency

Most business trends are cyclical, and the business of advertising is no different.  It used to be standard for a brand to trust all of their marketing, branding, and strategic development to one full service agency.  As digital marketing opportunities exploded in the late 90s, specialty agencies starting popping up focusing all of their efforts and expertise on one particular channel, segment, or platform.
Over the last five years the cycle of business has evolved again as interactive knowledge has spread and expanded significantly, and full service agencies are becoming the popular choice again.  While both agency models offer strengths, Epic Ad Group has always felt that the full service model offers a more efficient agency - client relationship.  Here are five reasons why full-service agencies offer a more efficient experience, and why Epic Ad Group has remained a full service agency since we started in 1992.
  1. Better Communication: Employing a different agency for each part of your over-arching strategy can be incredibly time consuming. A full service agency model offers one point of contact and one relationship to manage. With one agency you will spend less time managing communications as your account manager walks you through every stage of the engagement process and through each department.  Less time communicating means more time to focus on all of the other hats you have to wear as a business owner.
  2. Consistency: Brand consistency is key for any business, and with too many cooks in the kitchen there is a greater possibility for the message to stray.  With one agency handling each facet of your marketing you can rest assure that your message will stay consistent.
  3.  Strategy:  The journey to purchase for consumers in 2015 involves many touch points, across multiple mediums.  Having one agency managing everything allows for greater perspective as to how the consumer engages at these different touch points, and which are most effective in leading them towards a purchase.  The ability step back and see a broader view of how each medium interacts and compliments one another can also allow for better optimization potential.
  4. Integration: In most cases a specialty agency will not have the skills to execute projects outside of their niche, whereas a full service agency can integrate new mediums into your existing campaigns while staying true to your brand identity.  And as you grow and need more services they can fulfill those needs within the larger context of your campaign.
  5. No Bias: Self preservation is a foundation of life, so it is natural for a specialty agency to advocate for the medium they specialize in, even when it may not be in the best interests of the client.  A full service agency is able to focus exclusively on what is best for the client regardless of the medium and optimize accordingly.
Each agency model brings value to the table, and are by no means mutually exclusive.  As with the entire agency selection process, it is up to the client to determine which style fits their needs best, and in some particular cases that could mean employing both models on particular campaigns.

Adwords Releases Upgraded URLs

Today, Google announced the release of what are dubbed “upgraded URLs” for AdWords advertisers that use tracking parameters. For anyone who has toggled back and forth between a URL builder and Adwords while creating a suite of ads, this is very welcome news.

With this change, the landing page URL and the tracking parameters that make up the destination URL will be treated separately. The separation means that making changes to your tracking won’t necessarily send your ads back into editorial review and ad history and stats remain with the ads (see caveat below).

You can scale tracking parameters across various levels of your accounts and set up new custom tracking parameters.

Two New Components: Final URL + URL Options

Instead of setting the Destination URL, you’ll define the landing page in the new “Final URL” field. This is the actual landing page that the user sees after clicking on an ad. The final URL can include redirects within your domain (redirecting to a third-party domain is still a no-no) and tracking parameters.

The URL Options section is where you’ll find the ability to scale your tracking changes with the new tracking template and custom parameter fields. The benefit here is that you can manage the tracking parameters separately across various levels of your account without having to reset your ad performance stats.

Epic Ad Group advertising blog

Don’t Wait 270 Days Between Blog Posts

Don’t do this.  Don’t constantly lecture clients about the benefits of a blog, and the importance of fresh content, and then wait 270 days between blog posts.  That is roughly the length of a human pregnancy between blogs.  How did it happen? I’m not quite sure. We outlined some blog ideas somewhere around July, we had an intention to write, and in the blink of an eye we’re a month into 2015. If you have a business and a blog, then you’ve probably found yourself in a similar situation. Here are a couple tips to avoid long blogless stretches that we are going to incorporate ASAP:

Create a schedule – If you have trouble remembering when your next blog is due, put it on the calendar or create a task in your PM system. Make sure the schedule is reasonable based on your schedule.  If blogging is not your life, then don’t schedule a new post every single day. Finding the right schedule depends on your industry and your time commitments, but we can assure you every 270 days is not a good policy.

Get Started – Studies have shown that actually starting a project is the greatest barrier to productivity. For me, this is especially true with writing. Luckily for you, there is a construct of the mind called the Zeigarnik effect which compels humans to finish a task they have started. It sounds obvious, but just the act of starting will get you closer to actually finishing a given task.

Ideas – One of the toughest parts of the blog writing process is coming up with the topic of said blog. Keeping an ongoing stable of ideas in something like evernote, where you can store topics, links, and outlines for blog ideas will help you have an idea on hand at all times.

Write in advance – Cultivate a couple ideas, grab some coffee, put on your Beats and WRITE. Writing multiple blogs at once will leave with you plenty of content on hand should life’s daily distractions prevent you from keeping up with your blog schedule.

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