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So we know calling ourselves epic may seem…confident. But in fact confident is just what we are. We feel that confidence is a necessity when entering into a dynamic industry like advertising, where tactics and mediums and all other tools change constantly, and often without a heads up.

Our innovative (and yes sometimes heroic) marketing strategies and our strengths in branding and public relations have established us as one of the most prominent agencies on the Central Coast. Our long-term client relationships and extensive experience with the media reassure us that our customer service and efficient media planning consistently surpass the usual and ordinary.

We have been Epic for over fifteen years, holding ground in an industry where agencies often fall through the cracks.


Advertising is where art meets science. Think of us as the incarnation of Van Gogh and Einstein (but with both ears and a more stylish haircut). No – we didn’t attend an art institute, nor could we explain to you the theory of relativity. But our work does merge the two worlds.

The ad itself is art – a creative depiction of a real-world item for the enjoyment and attention of an audience. And when we make that art have an effect on the people that are watching it, well that’s the science. In today’s world of advertising it is imperative to have collaboration of the right message put in front of the right audience and followed up with a consistent presence.

We care about our clients,
we invest in our clients, and we
succeed only when our clients succeed.

In the business of growing your business.
We make Advertising, Marketing, & PR solutions.

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It’s our job to let everyone in on what makes you spectacular. We carefully craft a creative campaign that conveys your unique message and sets you apart from the competition. Our team marries our inventive talent with your company’s distinct image to build an alluring reputation and recognizable ad platform for your ideal market segment. We take those inches of empty screen space or 30 seconds of static and turn it into a mini-masterpiece featuring YOU as the star. What can we say? We like the spotlight and we think you’d look great in it.



A powerful Brand is more than just a logo. It effectively communicates your meanings, values, and promises in a fashion that leads the consumer to know your Brand as you wish them to know it. In the end, it is the consumer that decides if your Brand is what you hoped it would be. That is why we put our blood, sweat, and tears (metaphorically, of course) into developing and evaluating all dimensions of a Brand. We carefully chew over the language and wording, and won’t stop until we create the warm fuzzy feelings evoked by the Brand’s visual and spoken expressions.

Public Relations

Public Relations

Public relations is just the textbook term for communicating with the people. We pride ourselves on keeping you in the public eye and on the public’s mind with positive news and updates on your company. We create carefully tailored news releases to get your message into an age-old medium in an eye-catching way. Less obvious and more respected than an ad, press coverage allows us to articulate your message and publicize it to large audiences without coming off as self-serving. At Epic, keeping publicity aligned with the goals and objectives of our clients is a top priority.

Media Buying

Media Buying

Location. Location. Location. This old real estate maxim holds. With advertising seemingly everywhere, we have the task of sending the right message to the right people using the right medium for the least amount of money. We use our long-standing relationships with the media and our tremendous buying clout as we sift through the growing jumble of advertising options. We narrow those options to make your choices easier and more efficient, making sure you’re getting the most for your money. We spend our client’s money as if it were our own, and it is our mission to provide our clients with wallet-friendly quality and some added beauty sleep.



Digital is the new frontier. It has boundless opportunity and endless possibility. The online world encompasses any and all online advertising including SEM, SEO, Display, Social, Online video, and much more. Such limitlessness can be quite overwhelming when not navigated properly. Let us be your guide through this constantly evolving online arena. We make it our mission to keep up with the latest technology, continually improve campaigns, and adapt our executions to optimize our effectiveness in reaching your future customers. Think of the digital world as opportunity knocking: it’s time to answer.



Creativity is the artistic portion of our Art + Science = EPIC equation. It can come in all shapes and sizes, from print to video to sound to digital. Whatever the medium, creativity is about connecting ideas, breaking established patterns, and communicating in a way that resonates with your audience. Here at Epic, we use creative’s incredible power to innovate and change perception in order to break down boundaries and make you stand out amongst the crowd. We develop creative ideas that are specific to your brand. No carbon copies or cookie cutter layouts here.

From the Blog


Introducing Bryce

I’m Bryce! I consider myself incredibly ambitious and driven in both my personal and professional life. I’m entering in as a senior this year at the University of California, Santa Barbara where I plan to be majoring in Communications with my specific emphasis being in mass communication.


Ever since I was a kid I had always been interested in the world of design and the way companies utilize design in order to brand themselves and establish their own identities. I think of design as a really powerful tool that, if done right, can evoke emotions of fun and pleasure to being thought-provoking and intriguing.


As someone who has had an interest in design at a young age, I’ve always been quite the perfectionist. I try not to overlook any detail. I believe that good design does not require a trained eye – anyone can recognize what makes good design. I try to continually push my abilities to grow and learn new ways of conveying my creative vision in an effort to refine who I am as a designer.


Additionally, I believe that design and marketing go hand in hand. I believe that marketing is a tool businesses can use to connect with their audiences. I find the world of marketing to be quite fascinating as it is a field that is continually changing as technology advances and the way we communicate changes dramatically as we go forward into the future. There’s a kind of thrill to marketing. I think it’s pretty fun to deal with ambiguity, and that’s why marketing is a field I have always been heavily interested.


I am constantly invested in learning. Whether it be taking communication theory classes at UCSB or teaching myself how to do web development or edit a video together – I always want to challenge my creative vision by learning and using different mediums. This is what brought me to Epic, and I am excited to be a part of this team!


marketing and advertising intern

Introducing Gianna

Hi everyone! My name is Gianna and I am the new intern for Epic Ad Group. I am a senior at UCSB studying communication and Spanish.

I grew up in the Bay Area with a very big family (I am the oldest of 9 children) and it didn’t take me very long to find that I thrive on conversation and constant social interaction. Essentially, I am very much a “people-person” and the world of marketing and communication just seemed like a logical place for me to start my career path.

This past summer I worked for Oracle as a marketing intern on their product PR team. I spent my days building media lists, editing messaging for press releases, and scouring the news for the most recent Oracle-related articles. In those 14 weeks I learned a lot about corporate PR and truly enjoyed my time there, but when I came back to Santa Barbara I wanted to broaden my horizons and take a look at other parts of marketing as well. This is what led me to Epic Ad Group.

Epic Ad Group is a refreshing change from the corporate world. When Natalie first met with me to discuss the intern position, I was more than pleased to learn that Epic Ad Group wanted their interns to have a hands-on experience and I would have the ability to work on many different projects. I know this will make all the difference for me as I continue to delve deeper into the field of marketing.

As I start my last year at UCSB, I told myself I would do all the things on my bucket list that I haven’t gotten around to yet: stand up paddle board in the ocean, work as a research assistant in a communication lab, get to the top of Storke Tower… the list goes on. Finding a really awesome internship where I feel important wasn’t on that list originally, but I am glad I can check that off now.

How To: Set Up a Facebook Ad Manager Account

If you’re brand new to Facebook Advertising, the ropes can be a little tricky to manuever. Luckily for you we’re here to help! The way Facebook is currently set up, is to begin an Ad Manager account for you as you create and place orders for ads.
But if you are not going to be the one setting up and managing your Facebook Advertising campaigns (if say your agency, Epic Ad Group will be the ones doing this) it doesn’t make sense for you to go through the process of creating a mock Facebook Ad just to start your Ad Manager account.

You could say, why not have my agency set up my Facebook Ad campaign under their private account? However, this isn’t ideal because it makes your Agency (Epic) the personal owner of the account, which would could cause access issues if there comes a time when your agency is no longer associated with the account.

Consequently, it is ideal to set up your new Facebook Ad Manager account under YOUR Facebook account. We are going to show you how to do this, even if you don’t already have a Facebook Ad Manager set up.

STEP 1: Skip having to create a mock ad just to activate a Facebook Ad Manager account.

Log into Facebook through this URL: https://www.facebook.com/ads/manage/settings.php

You’ll come to a screen that looks like this:


Step Two – In this screen, scroll down to Ad Account Roles & select Add User.


Use the email address associated with your Facebook account to add your agency, and make sure you allow email searches (at least place your settings that way for the day you set up).



After you enter your agency’s email, make sure you select the Ad Account Advertiser as their role, so that they have full access to creating and managing your Facebook Advertising campaigns.

After you click “Submit” – they should receive a Notification from Facebook letting them know that they’ve been given access to your Ad Manager account (#Win).

But – The process doesn’t end here! Once you have added them to your Ad Manager account, you’ll need to enter your credit card information, so the ads can be billed once running.

Step Three – To add payment information. Select Billing from the Account Settings screen.


Your will arrive at a screen that looks like this.


From here, you should select Payment Methods and select the method you wish to use for payments.


And then enter your payment information, hitting Submit to confirm. And you now have a fully set up Facebook Ad Manager account under your name/account and your agency has full permission to manage the ads.


Setting up your Facebook Ad Manager account under your ownership is the optimal way to establish yourself with Facebook advertising. It will be YOUR account, YOU can establish who can (and can’t) manage it, and you’ll keep ownership of it no matter who comes and goes with regards to managing your Facebook ad campaign.


Google Releases Expanded Text Ads for AdWords

As your source for the latest in the digital ad world, committed to bringing you all the latest updates, and this is a pretty big one. Google has announced an AdWords release called “Expanded Text Ads”(ETA). Starting today, July 26th, Expanded Text Ads will be an option to all advertisers in the AdWords Interface. So what are they exactly?

ETAs are Google’s new text ad format, designed to maximize ad performance across all device types. As opposed to the old format of one 25 character headline, you will now be allowed two 30 character headlines. Which means way more of your content out there to see. Additionally, Google is expanding the number of characters that can be in the description line. Instead of the old 35 character description you’ll have the ability to write a 80 character description line. These changes will expanded the text ad size by 2X by far the biggest change to text ads since their creation 15 years ago. So why the change?

In early testing, Google found this change increased CTR (click-through rate) – by as much as 25 percent. In addition to more clicks, Google has said longer headlines will be more useful to advertisers, and result in better qualified traffic. Sounds good to me!
What do they look like? Here’s a picture of what the new expanded text ads will look like on mobile devices.


Lastly, here a timeline of how the rollout will happen:

Today (July 26, 2016) – You can create Expanded Text ads in the AdWords Interface.

Late October – Your original ads will continue to run, but you will lose the ability to create & edit the original text ad formats. All advertisers will be required to use the new Expanded Text Ad format.

2017 – Original text ad formats will be fully retired and no longer served.

In order to prepare for this change, we advise keeping up your quality scores, and making sure to prepare content that will take advantage of the new character limit. Here’s to hoping this change will make for improved CTRs!

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