5 Reasons To Hire A Full Service Agency

Most business trends are cyclical, and the business of advertising is no different.  It used to be standard for a brand to trust all of their marketing, branding, and strategic development to one full service agency.  As digital marketing opportunities exploded in the late 90s, specialty agencies starting popping up focusing all of their efforts and expertise on one particular channel, segment, or platform.
Over the last five years the cycle of business has evolved again as interactive knowledge has spread and expanded significantly, and full service agencies are becoming the popular choice again.  While both agency models offer strengths, Epic Ad Group has always felt that the full service model offers a more efficient agency – client relationship.  Here are five reasons why full-service agencies offer a more efficient experience, and why Epic Ad Group has remained a full service agency since we started in 1992.
  1. Better Communication: Employing a different agency for each part of your over-arching strategy can be incredibly time consuming. A full service agency model offers one point of contact and one relationship to manage. With one agency you will spend less time managing communications as your account manager walks you through every stage of the engagement process and through each department.  Less time communicating means more time to focus on all of the other hats you have to wear as a business owner.
  2. Consistency: Brand consistency is key for any business, and with too many cooks in the kitchen there is a greater possibility for the message to stray.  With one agency handling each facet of your marketing you can rest assure that your message will stay consistent.
  3.  Strategy:  The journey to purchase for consumers in 2015 involves many touch points, across multiple mediums.  Having one agency managing everything allows for greater perspective as to how the consumer engages at these different touch points, and which are most effective in leading them towards a purchase.  The ability step back and see a broader view of how each medium interacts and compliments one another can also allow for better optimization potential.
  4. Integration: In most cases a specialty agency will not have the skills to execute projects outside of their niche, whereas a full service agency can integrate new mediums into your existing campaigns while staying true to your brand identity.  And as you grow and need more services they can fulfill those needs within the larger context of your campaign.
  5. No Bias: Self preservation is a foundation of life, so it is natural for a specialty agency to advocate for the medium they specialize in, even when it may not be in the best interests of the client.  A full service agency is able to focus exclusively on what is best for the client regardless of the medium and optimize accordingly.
Each agency model brings value to the table, and are by no means mutually exclusive.  As with the entire agency selection process, it is up to the client to determine which style fits their needs best, and in some particular cases that could mean employing both models on particular campaigns.