How To: Instagram Engagement

Instagram has over 400 million users with 3.5 billion photo likes a day. Instagram is a place where users can post their most amazing mobile photos. Quality photos are of great importance on Instagram. Therefore, if you’re a business thinking about entering the Instagram ad space, you need to make sure that what you’re posting is visually captivating.

As we said in our previous article on the importance of brevity in social media posting, advertising on social media needs to be captivating and as concise as possible. Eyeballs move everywhere on social media. Therefore, you need to create the most stunning ads possible if you want to captivate your audience.

Like any social media platform, engaging or interacting with your audience is crucial to expand your reach and build a strong brand loyalty. Here’s how you can get better at engaging with your audience on Instagram:

Post, Like, Comment!

Being active on social media is extremely important to getting your name out there. Accounts that post monthly or every so often will likely go unnoticed – no matter the quality of your images. It’s also important to reply back to comments. Be friendly with your customers. If they have any questions about products or want to learn more, direct them to your website. Just keep in mind that an “active” Instagram user will post images a few times a week.

Add Location

Images posted with locations are great ways for Instagram users within your area to take notice and discover your account. It’ll also help you to build your brand identity if you post from the same location over and over again. Interested audiences can always tap on the location you provide and get geographical information to find out where your business is located.

Use #Hashtags

In case you are not already in the know, hashtags are ways of “tagging” an image. Users on Instagram do this to gain greater discoverability on Instagram. Hashtags should be used appropriately for the industry you’re in. If you’re a restaurant, for example, you probably wouldn’t want to use hashtags like #cars. Stay relevant. But what is relevant for your industry? A great online tool you can utilize if you are just getting in to using hashtags is is a great resource to find the top 10 relevant ads for your industry. It’s also not only about being relevant but it’s also about using hashtags that people are actually using. A hashtag like #A1MicrochipCompany won’t do anything for you since a) it’s long and b) you’re probably the only one using it. Replacing a hashtag with something as simple as #technology would serve you much better as it’s broad and is still relevant to your industry while being concise.


You’re taking great photos, utilizing the location feature and typing in the appropriate hashtags for your business. Great. Now it’s time to give yourself (and your work) a shameless promotion. Post your Instagram account throughout your social media platforms. Add your @username to your business card or use it for your website. Partner with your web developer and marketing agency to find out how else you can implement your account’s Instagram feed throughout the areas of your website!

As a business, you want to be able to move dynamically to where audiences are going to get the most out of social media advertising. Instagram is a great tool and resource for your quality content to get noticed. If you ever need any help with deciphering Instagram ads further, feel free to shoot Epic Ad Group an email. We’ll be more than happy to help you.