5 Marketing Resolutions for 2016

It’s the New Year and we’ve all made our personal resolutions (and probably broken a few). We want to improve our health, our productivity, our relationships, but what about our businesses? For small businesses owners, our businesses are an extension of ourselves, so shouldn’t we dedicate just as much effort to business growth in the New Year as we do to personal growth? Although many of us HAVE put time and effort looking into what business adjustments need to be made for the New Year, perhaps certain Marketing strategies or technologies have been overlooked due simply to lack of awareness. Here are the top five marketing resolutions your small business needs to make for 2016:

1. Do more with your social media: Social Media pages are a free platform for self promotion, so why not leverage them? Growing your following and increasing your levels of customer interaction can do wonders for your brand recognition.

2. Stay in touch: Two words. E-Mail Marketing. Having a monthly newsletter to stay in touch with clients helps increase brand loyalty (which is on the steep decline in this day and age with Millenials and their brand A.D.D.)

3. Keep your blog current: (we’re guilty on this one) Company blogs have numerous benefits: they drive traffic to your website, they help you establish authority, and they drive long term results. So make sure not only to have a blog, but to keep your blog up to date, because an inconsistent company blog can turn what should be an asset into a detriment.

4. Use a diversified marketing approach: You’ve heard the phrase “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” This concept has never been more true than in marketing. Don’t invest all of your marketing dollars in one medium. Rather use a media mix to build a consumer funnel.  Customers interact with your brand along several touch points on the journey to purchase, and your media mix needs to reflect that.

5. Get the Help you need: Small Businesses often make the mistake of spending their marketing dollars in the wrong places. Enlist the help of an agency that cares as much about your ROI as you do, and knows the right path for you to take. We know one you can call ;-).

Happy New Year!