The Facebook Pixel

Facebook’s Pixel is a little different from the pixels you might be thinking about. Facebook’s Pixel is a little piece of code that you “inject” or put on your website (specifically in the “header” of your website) in order for Facebook to measure, optimize and build audiences for your ad campaigns. With a Pixel you open up your Facebook advertising experience to deeper analytics, so that marketing agencies (like us!), can optimize your Facebook advertising campaigns and track your goals. Here’s a list of what Pixels can do for you:

Cross Device Conversions

What devices are your customers using? Being able to understand where your audience is and what devices they are using can provide rich information for both you and your marketing agency to understand where to optimize and push advertising content throughout Facebook’s various platforms.

Encourage Action

Using a Pixel can provide better accuracy to optimize the delivery of your ad content and ensure that your ads are noticed so that your customers can take the appropriate action – such as buying your product or filling out a contact form on your website.

Understand Your Audience

A Pixel can help you to understand and build audiences in your Facebook manager to accurately retarget your ads to encourage them to take action on your website. Additionally, a Pixel can expand your current audience by trying to target advertising to new audiences with similar interests and demographics. With that said, a Pixel can help you to generate deeper insight information on your audience(s) so that you and your marketing partner can get the most out of the advertising platform. Once you understand your audience, you can create a custom lookalike audience that will help to expand territory, and find potential customers of similar interests to your current customers.

Hey, Come Back!

After understanding and creating your own custom audience, Facebook’s Pixel can provide you with the tools to properly retarget the customers that visited your website, but did not complete your desired goal. Through Facebook’s powerful retargeting algorithm and your input on what you’d like your audience to be, Facebook can help bring those visitors back to your website to complete a purchase or filling out a contact form.

Your Ads Are Dynamic

Facebook can use the information your Pixel provides to be able to create even more relevant ads based on the products people visited your website for.

Ready to Get Started?

We made a short video to get you started with Facebook’s Pixel.

Is this thing working?

To ensure your Pixel is working you can download the Facebook Pixel Helper on Facebook’s website here.

Note: The Facebook Pixel Helper will only run on Google Chrome for desktop. You can install Google’s browser by clicking here.

Once downloaded, navigate to your website and click on the Pixel Helper Icon near your Chrome Web Address Bar. There will be a popup that will then tell you if the information is loading accurately.

Having issues?

Reach out to your marketing agency, *ahem*, to help you decipher the information you see, or if there needs to be a correction on your website code’s header. Facebook also has an excellent FAQ that can be found by clicking here.