Don’t Wait 270 Days Between Blog Posts

Don’t do this.  Don’t constantly lecture clients about the benefits of a blog, and the importance of fresh content, and then wait 270 days between blog posts.  That is roughly the length of a human pregnancy between blogs.  How did it happen? I’m not quite sure. We outlined some blog ideas somewhere around July, we had an intention to write, and in the blink of an eye we’re a month into 2015. If you have a business and a blog, then you’ve probably found yourself in a similar situation. Here are a couple tips to avoid long blogless stretches that we are going to incorporate ASAP:

Create a schedule – If you have trouble remembering when your next blog is due, put it on the calendar or create a task in your PM system. Make sure the schedule is reasonable based on your schedule.  If blogging is not your life, then don’t schedule a new post every single day. Finding the right schedule depends on your industry and your time commitments, but we can assure you every 270 days is not a good policy.

Get Started – Studies have shown that actually starting a project is the greatest barrier to productivity. For me, this is especially true with writing. Luckily for you, there is a construct of the mind called the Zeigarnik effect which compels humans to finish a task they have started. It sounds obvious, but just the act of starting will get you closer to actually finishing a given task.

Ideas – One of the toughest parts of the blog writing process is coming up with the topic of said blog. Keeping an ongoing stable of ideas in something like evernote, where you can store topics, links, and outlines for blog ideas will help you have an idea on hand at all times.

Write in advance – Cultivate a couple ideas, grab some coffee, put on your Beats and WRITE. Writing multiple blogs at once will leave with you plenty of content on hand should life’s daily distractions prevent you from keeping up with your blog schedule.