Super Bowl 50 Ad Recap: Our Top 5 Ads

The Super Bowl commercials this year had a healthy mixture of funny, serious, and of course the token straight up weird (#puppymonkeybaby). Notable this year however, was the number of brands that took the psa angle (Colgate – “Every Drop Counts”, Budweiser – drunk driving,  NFL – Domestic Abuse). Could this shift toward social responsibility be brands pandering to socially conscious Millennials? Another pattern we noticed was promising premises that fell short on the punchline. Is it just us or was T-Mobile’s Hotline Bling spot not nearly as funny as it could have been? Bud Light’s campaign commercial with Seth and Amy could have been gold in such a comedically ripe election year ( cough Trump), but the only memorable line was a “big- caucus” pun. And LG’s Liam Neeson spot could have gone the way of BMW’s groundbreaking “The Hire” series but instead devolved into a tron-esque mess. That being said, here are our picks for the top 5 commercials of Super Bowl 50:
“Starman” – Audi: With the death of David Bowie fresh in all our minds, this commercial pulled heartstrings extra hard.

“First Date” – Hyundai: Kevin Hart’s Dad game is strong.

“Heck on Wheels” – Prius: We so respect that Toyota can just embrace Prius’s nerdy stereotype instead of trying too hard to shed it like other brands.

“Avos in Space” – Avocados from Mexico: I’m an avo addict so this commercial was preaching to the choir, but regardless of the product, the spot was well done; definitely one of the funnier ones.

“Portraits” – Jeep: Because ‘Merica.