New Facebook Advertising Technology

Social media advertising is constantly evolving.  In today’s world, technology drives advertising efficiency. Most small to mid-size businesses are blocked from access to top end proprietary technology due to the costs of working with agencies who own it. Epic Ad Group works hard to create relationships with agencies all over the world to bring the most sophisticated software to the masses.

Utilizing proprietary technology we can now:

  • Target Exclusive User Data: Identify, auto-generate and employ 246 personal action data points (most agencies have access to only half of that)

  • Monitor Conversations: Identifies Individuals based on keywords used in conversations and behavior (most agencise can only target people based on actions, for example what they have liked or listed as an interest, not by the words they use in their posts)

  • Data Management: Automatically creates Personal Identifiable Information Data Base

  • Competitor and Spend Analysis: Provide key insights such as how much other brands are spending and what videos they’re promoting

  • Strategic Planning: Provide data and analytics on your industry’s best advertisers and branded content so you can see how you stack up against your competitors and strategically plan your campaigns

  • Audience Discovery: Your most engaged viewers provide actionable data to contextually target your shared audience

Contact us to find out more about utilizing this new technology for your business.